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Welcome to Golden Tin Co.,Limited: Your Premier Tin Box Manufacturer

Welcome to our world of innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions! As a leading professional tinplate packaging boxes supplier, we specialize in crafting high-quality, custom-designed metal tin packaging boxes. With years of expertise and dedication, we have established ourselves as a key player in the packaging industry, especially renowned as a quality food packaging supplier in China.

Self-Design Service: ODM & OEM Solutions

At the heart of our services lies our Self-Design service, offering both ODM and OEM solutions. Our commitment is to bring your vision to life. One-stop customized services to meet all your packaging needs. Our Self-Design Services are at the forefront of bringing these stories to life.Our dedicated team work closely with you to transform your ideas into tangible assets, providing one-Stop customized solutions that resonate with your brand identity and meet your exacting standards.

Experience with Renowned Global Brands

Our journey has been marked by successful collaborations with some of the world’s most beloved brands, including Lipton, Kleenex, Disney, Schweizer Messer, Laura Ashley, Johnnie Walker, and HERSHEY’S. These partnerships underscore our position as a trusted quality food packaging supplier and highlight our expertise in delivering exceptional gift packaging solutions that stand out on shelves and in hearts worldwide.

Quality and Sustainability: Our Core Values

Golden Tin Co.,Limited,As a professional tin box company, we are committed to excellence and sustainability. Our tin boxes are crafted from high-quality, recycling material,We are at the forefront of the metal packaging industry, continuously innovating to offer packaging solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

Packaging for Various Industries

Tea Tin

Cookie/Popcorn Tins

Spice Tin Packaging

Chocolate/Coffee Tins

CR Tins

Cosmetic Tins

Cake Storage Tins

Flat Baking Tray

Find Reliable Trusted Tin Packaging Box Manufacturers in China

Find Reliable Trusted Tin Packaging Box Manufacturers in China
As a premier tin box manufacturer in China, we specialize in the meticulous creation of custom tin packaging, catering to diverse sectors like food packaging, giftware, and homeware. Our process emphasizes eco-friendly practices and strict quality control, ensuring reliability and trust for our B2B clients. Here’s a glimpse into our manufacturing excellence:

Who We Are


1. Tinplate Preparation

Tinplate is a thin steel sheet coated with tin to prevent rust and corrosion. This material is chosen for its strength and ability to protect contents.



3Cutting tinplate

2. Cutting

The tinplate is cut into specific shapes and sizes based on the design of the tin box. Precision cutting ensures all pieces fit together perfectly.


3. Forming

The cut tinplate pieces are then formed into the shapes needed for the tin box, such as the base, lid, and sides. This is done using molds and presses to achieve the desired dimensions and design.

5 Tin Box on Pallets

4. Embossing and Printing

To add decorative elements and branding, the tinplate can be embossed (raised designs) and printed with colorful graphics and logos. This step enhances the visual appeal of the tin packaging box.

6Packaging line

5. Assembling

The formed and decorated pieces are assembled together. This involves joining the base, lid, and sides securely, often with folded edges or welded seams to ensure a tight fit.

7 Tin Box for shipment

6. Finishing

Finally, the tin boxes undergo finishing touches such as polishing and quality checks to ensure they meet the required standards. Any sharp edges are smoothed out, and the boxes are cleaned for a pristine look.



Brands We Proudly Serves

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What Clients Saying

They are a professional manufacturer of metal tin boxes, and they assist us in turning our ideas into actual shaped tins. They are a reliable supplier, and we really enjoy working with them.

High-quality tins accompanied by professional service assist us in completing the project promptly. We truly love working with them.

I was searching for a suitable tin for our tea and had no clue about it, but Golden Tin team demonstrated their professional service to us and then chose the best-shaped and sized tin for our teas.

I am so grateful to Golden Tin team for their professional service for Cake tins set of 3.

Golden Tin One-Stop Packaging solution always saves us the time of searching for the tins we desire. Thanks for their assistance.

We are so excited to have found big sizes for our collection toys set. The quality is really nice and truly meets our needs.

We have worked with Golden Tin several times to meet our cookie packaging demands. They always offer professional proposals for our projects. Many thanks.